Of the makers of the Reumert-winning Nick Cave theatre concert. A completely new music show with Danish interpretations of the famous songwriter. The Leonard Cohen theatre concert is about two kinds of love, the sensual and the spiritual – and the struggle amongst them. A universe that is omnious and dark, but that also contains moments of beauty and translucence. From the power of the songs, the group creates a world saturated with emotion – images in words and music, a sensuous experience that appeals to all ages. (Aveny-T. See also: Aarhus Teater)


19. October – 29. November 2012, week days 20:00, Saturdays 18:00


Jens Jørn Spottag, Pernille Højmark, Theresa Sølvsteen, Thomas Bang, Kaspartin Lønneberg & Helene Gjerris Orkester: Niels Søren Hansen, Klaus Thrane, Anders Birk & Tom Bilde